Welcome to Clear Hearts

 Different is our specialty, and we’re here for anyone who’s looking for a wedding or event that is as unique as them. Open minded AF, our awesome team are ready to create something kick ass with you.

If you’re already thinking “oh hells yeah” then contact us on info@clear-hearts.com or head to the contact page. 

If you are hitting a milestone (gulp) birthday or getting stressed out over a friends hen party or just want to impress the hell out of everyone at your next gathering. We offer styling of any event big or small.

Wedding planning when you’re f’ing cool

It’s our business to know the best venues and suppliers. With years of experience knowing our Deftones from our Panic at the Disco and McQueen from Westwood, rock ‘n’ roll wedding planning and styling is new (but it’s not new to us)!

You want to impress but y’all don’t want that stress

If you want to air guitar the night away without months of tedious emails/ 100s of hours venue searching/ colour schemes, negotiating, interfering parents and budgets that’s what we do. Put simply we make kick ass alternative events and weddings with none of the usual stress so all you Rock n Roll brides can enjoy your day.

We are a London based events planners and stylists who specialise in the strange and unusual! Head on over to the contact page and let the team help to make your weird and wonderful wedding and event dreams come true.

Turn your “Oh No” event moments into “Hell Yeahs”

 You know that any issues on the day will be handled by our team so you (and your guests) can enjoy yourselves.

For a chat or free consultation head over to the Contact page.

Our services include:

Wedding planning

Day of co-ordination

Venue styling

Supplier/Venue sourcing

Hen parties



So who the hell are we? 

When my husband and I got married I had THE best time planning it! I can easily say it was the best day of my life and I knew I wanted to help other couples have the same experience!

Our only small regret was my husband, bridesmaids, our parents and brothers all rushing around the venue on the morning to get the decorations and cake ready.

“Everything is easy cause of you” 

Clear Hearts was born because I want me and my team to make sure that’s not even a consideration for y’all!