Hi there, we are Clear-Hearts and we are not your average wedding and event planning service. We love meeting badass couples and making their rock and roll dreams a reality, it’s our fave!

Whilst I was planning my wedding I realised there are no alternative planners for all you awesome freaks, geeks, weirdos, metallers, punk rockers, hip hoppers (and everybody all round the worlllld) and I didn’t think anyone would understand my ideas enough to hand over the reins! After my wedding was featured on Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, Mr and Mrs Unique and soon to be on Way out Wedding I thought Holy Diver, wedding planning is my destiny!

Our team is made up of me, Michaela, who you’ll probably meet at our first consultation (Black Heart or Brew Dog will be the hardest decision you make in this process) our CIO (who knows more about punk and doom music than Wikipedia) and our on the day stylist who started out as a latex fashion designer.

Things that are important to me are your story, representation, rock and roll, feminism, being inclusive of all body types,  love, your perfect day, unique wedding venues, booties shaking on dance floors and yummy food.

I’ve got me a bucket list of weddings/engagements that I will give a discount if you’re up for it.

  • Getting engaged (or married) on stage or at a festival I think it’s so damn touching
  • A Studio Ghibli themed wedding
  • Destination wedding in Las Vegas baby
  • A complete time warp wedding (any era)
  • Dogs or puppies being involved in the ceremony
  •  A winter wedding somewhere cold (like snow cold)

Contact us on info@clear-hearts.com or head to the contact page.